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Sabtu, 16 November 2013

Cycling in London for the holidays

A great way to be able to move with great freedom of the city of London is riding a bicycle . Fortunately the English capital offers its citizens and tourists an excellent bike rental service so everyone can take a walk , go to work and others very interesting prices .

Enjoy a bike ride can be a cheaper option than taking a trip on other transportation and best of all, this bike rental service is automatic , as each one can take the bike when you want as it is bicycle network that operates 24 hours a day, so that everyone can use it when it suits you .

Basically we should record in this bicycle rental program to get you started, a record that has a cost of 1-45 pounds, depending if we checked for a single day or for 1 year, but for medium we can record for a week for £ 5 .

Note that we offer the chance to enjoy 30 minutes of free bike , albeit from one hours we pay 1 lbs . The best thing for tourists is to rent a bicycle for short journeys , which are those that can be cheaper and allow you to enjoy a leisurely stroll through London . It is important not to fall behind when return the bike , because the English are usually very specific and related to bicycle back by penalties for more than they should .